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tv   [untitled]    July 8, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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the truth is, there is not enough bandwidth to have hundreds of meetings that we have been doing, literally, since december. we don't have enough staff to be doing that at that level. the southeast community facilities commission, the helpful role that you play is that you represent this building and you are supposed to be charged with providing ongoing guidance and ongoing feedback. if things are not working, i would hope we have regular conversations so you can hear if we have ideas. which is why we have spent so much time the fuel. we have heard about on-the-job training.
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the has been talked about what is in this space. we see you as a commission and a true partner and a collaborator, the voice of the community. i would not do anything else. as i mentioned, what does it actually look like? there are other items, individual point people from other commissions and other agencies. the role, you guys as a commission represent this community.
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>> going back to the idea of fostering employment. you went over hiring for various positions whether it be shuttle services or security services. how do we figure out a way for all of these services we provide. >> i think you should ask these questions in public. that is the intent. every time that we do hiring, we can report about what we're doing. that has been a commitment for a long time. we are excited about the opportunity to take over
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custodial security. and we are already in those types of partnerships, so the numerous conversations, talking to them about hiring as you think about opportunities. we are happy to be transparent and come back and have you guys ask questions. >> i want to thank you for having an open-door policy. he actually took time out of his busy schedule to explain the program. i still know everything about it.
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a couple things that this document that the former commissioner pointed out. some of the questions that i had, i was doing a lot of reading and there was supposed to be money that actually came back to the community from the tenants. is there a way that the community can be compensated? the facilities plan, i know i
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read that and i have been asking a lot of the residents here. it is written, but i am not sure if it is actually happening. >> maybe i can address that again. proceeds that exceed the cost of operations goes on to say that surplus funds should be used for a variety of things like that. where chosen not to charge. we have chosen to subsidize its. we have to have a conversation about how to charge them enough money. we only get about $475,000 including the building.
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the cost of 800,000. we will have to raise all of those grants. that has been the problem, there is no surplus. >> because that did not work, moving forward, i am not for increasing that. i want to make sure that outside of this community, this business plan we are talking about, the jobs being created based on what is happening at the plant, we can come together and give back to our youth that is actually graduating. that is something that i would like to see move forward. there are enough creative people in the community where we can make sure that that happens.
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i wrote a lot of notes, i just wanted to echo what the commissioner said about making sure that as far as the janitorial service and security service is concerned, we look to the community first. i know that there are some janitorial services. they are actually certified with the redevelopment agency. when we speak of the community, i know you guys are not just looking at this active high facility. there is a lot of talent. and one last comment, i just
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wanted to say that a lot of times, the community says that we need jobs. i think that we need careers. [applause] we need to do a better job at doing that. it is more than construction jobs that are needed in this community. there are other things that we need to incorporate. i would like to see the center like that as far as what has been the success rate of people. i know you guys have been doing a very good job. i think we need to not just ask for jobs, we should be talking about careers.
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commissioner moran: anyone else? if the commission is completed, we will open it to the public. i don't know how many people will be speaking, but i think we need to put a limit like three minutes. three minutes is going to be the standard limit. for the community. >> i think i can do it in three minutes. one of the things i want you to do as my commissioners, set up a citizens committee work force committee that will represent you the commissioners here.
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have a list of the names of those groups alike to see a part of the work force. that is for the local work force raid here. i would like to see a moratorium of two years to make sure that we get a jumpstart on a low rent for the city college. in everything that i have seen here, you have made up your mind and a plan to what you want to see. what has to happen, we have to see what we want first and give it to you. they can't tell you this, but i can. we have a community here that put this together. they will go back and look at what we started with.
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i do not like the next step. you're saying the you bring something in here that i don't know anything about. a lot to know what type of training programs we are going to have. your commissioners -- that is your job to make that decision. >> that is what i thought he was doing. >> i don't know where she got it from, but who are you going to bring in here? what i am upset about is that we have someone to ignore this commission
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>> they may not be here in this facility, but they have been trying to engage people. i have done work with young people and community engagement.
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there are people that are willing to fund bayview. there can be some services, there can be some glasses, but if you look at it can -- nothing has everything that the community wants or needs. that is why you have some many people spread out. we have to do a better job of getting our young people and our community to spread out and be engaged with san francisco. we need to build of this community and provide resources. but we should not take away from the program that has already been here. if you need some of those programs, where they are and who is doing what, i have some of that information.
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unfortunately, what are two organizations have a comprehensive list of who is doing what. it might be a good idea to try to pull together those resources and where they are. i am not a city college student, but i am interested in the arts. to have a list like that is another way that we can provide services without having every single fang. understanding that they are available to us in the community. partnering with each other, that is heavily built a community. thank you. [applause] >> i have a board member at
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city college of san francisco and very proud graduate as well. i wanted to take the evening to vice president moran. like people being out here and talking about the community. of four to working with you and i look forward to my ongoing work and the board's were the southeast commission as well. it was very important for people to come out and add to what she was talking about related to city college. -- city college. i want to thank mother jackson for her information and her historical perspective about what happened before we got to this point. i want you to keep up that good
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work making sure that we know what is going on. there are two programs i am really excited about. it is the one stop program that we have here. we also have money for a single stock program as well. i look forward to the ongoing communication, collaboration. and i know that we will be successful, thank you very much. >> hello and good evening. i am the last one. thank you for actually having us here at the meeting and for feeding us tonight.
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i am a longtime resident, born and raised. i am also a student here at the city college. one of the things that i would appreciate living for is to actually have inputs from students. it sounds good, a looks good, but how come nobody has asked us? i like you went out and got some of the input. the usually want whatever is new to the community. i appreciate everything that was done, but i also appreciate input from the students. somebody from the inside looking out saying, you know what?
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we can use this. the piece that you presented earlier, i gave michael a card. i wanted to say, with that money, how come we can't put anything from our program. there are some new program of the health benefits. so many programs that are needed. let's give them some of the programs that they want. i love your idea for the horticulture classism and stuff. and way up here. i don't understand that we have so many tickets but nobody is taking care of the plants. when you build, we must plan. who will take care of them?
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if you walk at night, you don't know what is going to happen. they will catch a fire for that. technically, who is taking care of its. there are glasses that are needed and may help the community better itself. we used to have a custom painting class that we had to discontinue. i am the first female to graduate from the automotive engineering department. and that program. they don't know about what goes on. we have construction class is, automotive class's. we talk about people holding lives and stuff, i don't see
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nobody of color literally coming in to the class is. you have to have the ged. you don't come to city college for that, but that is where it is held. if we want to do more and get involved, there are glasses out there. when you talk about adding class is to the southeast, but some students involved. we are working together, but nobody is reaching out to us. you will continue to see empty classrooms. we need to work together somehow and pull it together. i am a lifelong student. there will not be a time where i will stop getting my education. if there is something out there to learn, i will learn if.
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everybody in this room is done. you want to take summer glasses. they have everything. they have in food services and all the class is. speak up. tell them what you want. you will not make all of the decisions. they are not the individuals taking class's. let them know what you want and let your voices be heard. >> i see she has stuck to the microphone, so she is the last. >> i am sorry to take advantage of this. the started in july 11, august 12.
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they will be taught from 8:00 to 12:00 monday through friday. i'm hoping that all young people that need that, so the house of with young people that need math skills. commissioner moran: we cut it off. yes, sir? >> one second. it is kind of interesting, a lot of the buildings go to arts. they need money to operate.
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thanks. [applause] commissioner moran: we must end somewhere at some time. >> since i am going to be the last one, i would like to say that we had the task force, and at those meetings, we talked about the arts and getting 2%. my request is that we get 10%. i think in the right of, somebody put it down to 5%. what i would like to know, who keeps erasing what we request? we were requesting the overall
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cost. we just wanted to 10%. not the southeast sector, but all of the training and making sure that we have certified -- we are going to be in trouble if we continue going the way. i want to thank my friends for coming in and you are a new commissioner and i did not hear you say a word. i am talking about the gun man down there. commissioner courtney: i'm vince courtney. from the laborers. >> very good. thank you very much.
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[applause] commissioner moran: applause for everyone on the commission and i really want to say thank you to juliet. i know that she stomped this community. the focus group met with us as commissioners to formulate a report tonight. i think the summation of the next steps came from what she heard in the community had a they compile this and put it together. i want to say thank you very much for that. i think you have heard from the community. you have heard what the community wants.
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maybe we can send them other places to get what they need such as the young ladies there. especially if you're going to begin the shuttle service between this campus and i think this is been very fruitful. it has been long. you have to be patient and listen to people because we don't stop and listen. these advances go produce -- maybe you don't have a yard, but
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i don't know anything about this. maybe you are neighbors. >> supervisor kennedy, thank you for joining with us. we came here to listen and you helped us understand another dimension of what the community is looking for. when we were both very young, i got my introduction from jim jefferson. and the work that never did get done. we have a shot of doing this hotel. i look forward to working with you, in the spirit of
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cooperation to make sure that we get it done right this time. thank you for the time you took to talk to us and we will be back. commissioner moran: the meeting is adjourned.
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